Moroccan Slate Hash



Order Moroccan slate hash online in Europe

Order Moroccan slate hash online in Europe.  In 1992, Morocco cultivated at least 30,000 hectares of cannabis. This produces 15,000 piles of soft fabrics, this area unit is exported to Europe (especially Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, European countries, Ace and Italy).


  • Colour: chromatic to brown. Thanks to the relatively short season, the plants retain a fairly inexperienced color at harvest.
  • Odour: slightly aromatic, not spicy.
  • Taste: Compared to other forms of hash, the style is incredibly delicate.
  • Consistency: quite variable, but usually quite hard. Usually, Morocco is sold out in zero, 5 – 1.5 cm thick sheets.
  • Tracks are ironed to a lesser extent than in traditional Morocco; Zero is incredibly soft, almost like an afghan.

Where to buy Moroccan slate hash online?

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