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Iso Hash Qwiso for sale online in Europe

Iso Hash Qwiso is for sale online in Europe. Ico hashish is the product of isopropyl alcohol extraction. Qwiso is an acronym for quick wash-off isopropyl alcohol hash, a popular technique for making ice hash. It is very cheap to use alcohol as a solvent. The taste of Iso Qwiso is not as comparable to other solvents. The product depends on the quality of cannabis and extraction. High-quality Qwiso often appears clear and yellow as splinters with a malleable texture. Low-quality iso hash is often green or black and has a rubbery texture.

Preparing ISO Qwiso


  • The more the better.
  • A mill
  • Coffee filters
  • Isopropyl alcohol, the purer the better..The same can be purchased from hardware or electronics stores. You need about 100-200 ml of it per 10 grams of bud.
  • A sieve for filtering thick vegetable matter. 2 sieves are better advised – one smaller and one as large as possible.
  • A plate or other flat surface made of ceramic or glass
  • A small jar of up to 0.5 litres and a larger jar of 1 litre is sufficient.
  • Small razor blade to collect the extract
  • A simple fan (it’s optional)

Where to store?

The product should not be stored in a place with humidity, moisture, high temperature and direct sunlight, as it may destroy your qwiso by reducing strength and quality.


Iso Hash Qwiso for sale

The products are available on the website. One can order online to have it delivered to your home. Pay close attention to where you store the product.


It takes a little patience to make extracts. There are several methods to make high-quality extracts.


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