Cherry Pie Vape Cartridges



 buy Cherry Pie Vape Cartridges online in Europe 

buy Cherry Pie Vape Cartridges online in Europe. Cherry Pie is a half-breed strain loved for its effective, understated effects.

Often referred to as a light indica, this strain is known for its calming, full-body relief.

Patients report taking a toll on Cherry Pie for stress relief, migraines and minor ailments.

We will never cut or weaken our cartridges.

Characteristics of Cherry Pie Vape Cartridges

If you think these aren’t the best cartridges you’ve ever had, we’ll give you your money back. The nature of our goods and the welfare of our customers is our number one priority. We can offer cherry pie or a sale.

Our Delta 8 THC vape cartridge has an incredibly inspiring feel and contains 95% Delta 8 THC oil with 5% terpene for an extraordinary taste.

Benefits of cherry pie 

with a genuine clay loop and drip tip.

  • Uses the highest quality distillate available
  • Pure terpenes used for flavours of nature’s own terpenes
  • Full ceramic core
  • Pyrex glass container
  • Better taste – Optimal airflow
  • No Leak Design – Bottom airflow
  • 1.2 OHM – 510 thread
  • 4 – 2.0mm oil inlet hole
  • Cartridge
  • cherrypie
  • CO2
  • E
  • Huge AIRFLOW and PUFF!


This cartridge smells like a prepared cherry pie. The effects are known to come on within minutes and last for a few hours. You can buy cherry pie online.


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