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Buy Chara’s hash online in Europe 

Buy Chara’s hash online in Europe. Charas is made from the resin of the cannabis plant. It is commonly known as finger hash because it is collected from fresh cannabis plants and has trichome residue that sticks to the hands. It is dark green or brown. Charas is originally from India and is one of the most expensive medicines in the country. Although the US government banned charas in 1980, it remains widespread and consumed by many teenagers in India. Although charas can be found all over India, it is mainly found in Himachal Pradesh.

How is it made?

It is often regarded as a cultured medicine obtained from the flower of the cannabis plant. The production process is tedious and is done by rubbing your hands through the cannabis flowers. The three main steps are-

  1. Pick a handful of cannabis flowers from a cannabis plant that is 2-3 weeks past full maturity. We can safely deliver Order charas hash online.
  2. Cut off the excess leaves from the cannabis buds, but leave part of the stem
  3. Slowly start rubbing the buds between the palms
  4. As the flower releases oil and THC, gradually increase your hand movements
  5. Use your thumb to squeeze the oils into your palm
  6. The plant material will exude a black, tarry texture
  7. Continue rolling the charas ball until it stops releasing oil. The best quality charas requires a lot of patience and slow, careful hand movements. Unfortunately, the faster the rubbing motion, the more resin you lose. Different types of charas – Charas is one of the oldest forms of cannabis consumed in India. However, there are many other types of charas that can be found all over the world such as Malana cream and Kerala gold. Although they are expensive, people still use them very often in India.

Is it available online?

Charas is mainly found in India; it is on the website. So that people can buy it
online and have it delivered to their home.


Charas can cause people to experience physical and mental effects, and the body experiences various symptoms. Therefore, before consuming charas, it is important to identify the symptoms and check the medical issues. If charas has become an addiction for a person, then it is a problem in a person’s life. You can buy charas for sale.


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