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Order CBD  Chewing Gum online in Europe

Order CBD  Chewing Gum online in Europe. CanChew Plus is a non-addictive hemp-derived CBD functional chewing gum available in all 50 states. Currently, AXIM is preparing for a clinical trial to prove the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of irritable bowel

The single-dose study for 10 mg and 30 mg CBD determined the concentration of CBD in the blood after chewing. You can order CanChew online.



  • Anastassov, MD, DDS, MBA, CEO of AXIM Biotech. “We believe we can match or improve the bioavailability profile of CBD compared to other delivery systems. such as smoking or oral intake.
  • We look forward to entering clinical trials and making our cannabis-based medicinal solutions available to patients suffering from IBS and other gastrointestinal conditions as soon as possible.”
  • Conversations with manufacturers highlight the value of the ShieldsRx model of care and its ability to quickly get and retain patients on therapy to optimize outcomes.
  • As the leading speciality pharmacy accelerator in the US, ShieldsRx partners with over 70 healthcare systems.

Where can I buy CanChew online?

To buy it online at a reasonable price on the websites of the companies. You arrange it online via a debit card or other web-based payment techniques. We take care of the administration of the transport at home.


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