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There are different types of cannabis concentrate on the market. What the products have in common is the THC content they contain. Bubble hash is also known as water hash, which has become popular lately. It is a high-quality form of hash that contains a lot of trichome heads.

Reasons to consume bubble hash

The colour of hashish can vary from dark brown to light blond, depending on the production. People prefer this product because of the following reasons

  • It is very potent and gives an intoxicating high that makes the user stronger
  • No flammable ingredients or chemicals are used, which is relatively safe to make at home
  • The product is a great way to use a trim.

Why is it called bubble hash?

The product gets its name from its tendency to bubble when placed under the flame of a lighter. ‘Full met’ is considered the highest quality bubble hash. The ultra-refined melt tends to bubble quite a bit when smoked or dabbed. And then there is little material left. We can deliver Order Bubble hash online if you wish.

How to make bubble hash at home

The following steps will immediately lead:

  1. Place ice water in a bucket with the marijuana starting materials. Make sure the buds are submerged to freeze the trichomes.
  2. Stir the flowers with a wooden stick to ensure that the trichomes break down from the plant.
  3. Be careful when separating the trichomes. Their heads are extremely delicate and it is easy to damage them.
  4. After the trichomes are removed, use bubble wrap to separate them. Take the second bucket and place bags in the bucket in ascending order of microns.
  5. After the bags are tied, slowly pour the water and marijuana mixture into the side of the other bucket.
  6. Remove the first bag from the bucket and rinse it a second time with ice water
  7. remove any trichomes. Shake each bag and allow it to drain.
  8. Each bag has its own quality of hash. At the bottom of the finest net bags, you will find the best products.
  9. Take different types of hash and divide them into separate drying sheets. Use non-adhesive surfaces.
  10. Once the hash has dried, roll it into a ball or press it onto a sheet.
  11. Then break off small pieces and roll them into joints or place them on bowls.

Where can you buy bubble hash online?

People are always eager to buy from the stores, even if they make it at home. Now the product is also available on the website. For example, the consumer can order via the website and have it delivered to the front door.


Bubble hash is safer to consume than products containing chemical solvents. In addition, the bubble hash product is clean because ice water is used to freeze and extract trichomes from the marijuana plant. However, it is recommended to use the product wisely as it has a high THC content.


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