How to pay with Cryptocurrency

How to pay with Cryptocurrency

How to pay with Cryptocurrency, You can pay easily with cryptocurrency if you already have some tokens in your wallet, using the 5 easy steps below;

  1. Copy the Bitcoin address shown in the payment window.
  2. Paste this address in the ”send to” field in your wallet.
  3. copy the Bitcoin amount from the payment window.
  4. Paste into the amount field in your wallet.
  5. Send the payment.

We accept Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Litecoin(LTC), Ethereum(ETC), Dogecoin, Ripple XRP, and many more. Please do well to contact us if you have a coin that is listed in our shop.

1. Open a Bitcoin wallet

In other to start using bitcoins or any crypto as a payment method, you will first need to have a crypto wallet. You can download the app from  IOS or Android store. You can consider a Bitcoin wallet as the equivalent of a bank account. With a bitcoin wallet, you can receive bitcoins, store bitcoins, pay for an invoice with bitcoin, and send bitcoin to others. When creating your wallet, you can choose from a; Desktop wallet or a Mobile wallet

You also have an option of using a web wallet such as Blockchains wallet that you can access from your mobile phone and your computer. No matter the type of wallet you choose, creating one is fast and easy. Simply follow the instructions given on the site and your bitcoin wallet will be ready in less than no time.

2. Get some Bitcoins

You can buy cryptocurrencies from any of the stores below.